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Hello, you have landed on this page because you clicked the hehe, LLC ya I don't have an LLC under that name. I am assuming that you are either an SEO person or a digital marketing agency wondering, "How can I compete with this guy with barely any reviews and only having this site for about 1 year?" Well..... You simply can't hehe. I do this strictly because of competition, motivation, and true love for marketing and customers. I've been thinking of creating my marketing agency, what do you think? Please give me an email of your thoughts at I do this landscaping because I love meeting new people, and companies, and being creative. Nothing brings more satisfaction than seeing my client smile. Most people say or think I do it for money and other stupid reasons, well I don't, and I truly care for my customers/friends. And for anyone reading that's why you will be one of the best at your work. It is just the beginning. :{)

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