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Alex's Landscaping | Summit County 

We provide plenty of services, aka one of the best landscaping in Akron Ohio. The services are, Hardscape, basic landscaping, and more! Alex's Landscaping plans on leading the landscaping industry in Akron, Canton, Kent, Summit County, Portage County, and Stark County. so why don't you click that call or if you don't feel like talking email to get the best services in Summit county!

 We offer a very unique easy way for quotes. Don't have enough time to set up an appointment? Look no further than Alex's Landscaping. We offer an easy way to make an appointment just send photos and dimensions. For larger jobs send photos and what needs to be done and I will personally go to your home during that week and give you a quote. The only landscaper that does it in Summit County!

Residential, Commercial, and Government landscaping services 

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About Alex's Landscaping

Alex is a young entrepreneur who has spent the last four years in the landscaping industry perfecting the craft. He had learned a good amount of his skills and motivation with another local landscaper. He has been able to grow his brand and please his clients in Northeastern Ohio. Alex offers the best value with exceptional job execution and extremely competitive prices. While we are a small growing company, we have greatly prioritized our clients' satisfaction to the fullest. If you would like to learn check out more about me.


Why Me?

What's the difference between Alex's Landscaping and other companies you may ask yourself? Well, that's easy, most landscapers try to just make the sale and get their money quickly. I decided to start a landscaping company due to not proper installation in the engineering behind retaining walls, under patios, and even simpler tasks like mulch and gravel! The most important thing at Alex's Landscaping is to give the client proper engineering and quality looks. Yes, you will be paying more than your local "handyman" but almost a 100 percent chance by the next year someone like me has to come to fix their retaining wall, patio, landscaping, gravel, mulch, etc. So think twice about whom to call, Ghostbusters, jk it's me. Now click that call button, what are you waiting for, your local handyman? That's what I thought...​ Check out my blog to learn more.

Here at Alex's Landscaping, it's not about getting the job done quickly we do focus on getting the jobs done right. Many landscapers provide you with a service that may be presentable and good short term but do not last long term. Here at Alex's Landscaping, we take pride in providing high-quality work to our customers. We want our product and service to last and look good for many years to come! 

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Alex's Landscaping

P.O. Box 221 Clinton,

OHIO 44216

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Our recent project 

Here, we upgraded an aging concrete patio with a solution tailored to address drainage issues: permeable paver installation. Press play to take a look!

Why I want my reviews displayed. one of the most important things to do is to build trust. Building trust with the clients can help me and mostly future customers, I'll explain why. By getting reviews new people that are interested in my landscaping services can see what people in the past have thought of me, and my work. So please leave your "HONEST" review.

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